Thermos Flask Pouch with Carabiner

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CHOOSE SIZE 0.5L or 1.0L 

Thermos weather-proof pouch with carabiner. Made from high quality Neoprene fabric and easy grip zip opener. The pouch makes a fantastic addition for anyone on the go with their Thermos. Easy to attach to back packs, bags and belts. 
Choose the 0.5L or 1.0L size

0.5l Size H260mm x D70mm

Thermos Ultimate Range Flask 0.5l 

Thermos Stainless King Flask 0.47l 

Thermos Light & Compact Flask 0.5l

Thermocafe 0.5L


1.0L Size   H300mm x D90mm

Thermos Ultimate Range Flask 0.9l 

Thermos Light & Compact Flask 1.0l

Thermocafe 1.0L