Flasksonline have a large range of  Direct Drinks Flasks and Thermos Mugs  but which one do you choose.

Choosing a Thermos Direct Drinks Flask. 

Developed in in 2012  the Thermos Direct Drink Flask has changed the way we use Flasks and Travel Mugs. The clever drink flow spout enables you to flip the lid and drink direct from the flask one handed.  Use the Direct Drink flask as a traditional Flask, or to replace the Travel Mug in the car. Unlike Travel Mugs the locking stopper ensures no leaks and all Thermos Direct Drink Flasks come with a 5 year guarantee.   The original Direct drink flask  quickly became a Thermos favourite, with millions sold worldwide. In 2018  the lighter weight version with a 2 part stopper the "Super Light" version arrived in 2018.

Choosing a Thermos Travel Mug

Most Thermos Travel Mugs have a handle and you drink just like a conventional mug.  They should always be stored upright and not laid down in a bag as leakage will occur.  They are designed to fit most car or van cup holders.

Which one you choose depends on your budget and scenario.   

Need a Travel Mug to keep your drinks hot more than 5 hours then the Stainless King Travel Mug is for you.

 Available in 5 colours. with matching Flasks.

The unique Drinklock system ensures minimal heat loss good and there are no spills, but as with all Thermos Travel Mugs  its always best not to lay down to avoid any drips.

Flasksonline offer a special price if you buy  2 Stainless King Multi Buy.



If you use a Travel Mug wandering round the garden or standing in the playground then long term heat retention is perhaps not the main criteria.  In these scenarios consider the Thermocafe Travel Mugs. These are excellent value for money.

If you are fed up of your coffee going cold on your desk take a look at these Thermos Mugs. They are not as tall and won't knock over easily.


Flasksonline offer great prices for bulk purchases of all the Thermocafe Mug ranges.    Corporate printing also available

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Thanks for reading our blog on Thermos Direct drinks and Travel Mugs, we hope this has helped you choose the right one for you.