Freeze Boards or Ice Blocks. Keeping your Thermos Picnic Chilled.

Keeping your picnic chilled as long as possible. Some great tips.

Thermos are the world leaders at keeping drinks and food hot, but  they also make a large range of  Cool Boxes, Cool Bags, Lunch Bags designed to keep your food and drink colder for longer.

Once you put food and drinks in a Cool Box or Cool Bag the temperature will start to increase and how long your food remains chilled will depend on several factors;

  • It sounds obvious but critically the temperature of the food before you put in your Thermos Bag is really important.  It needs to be chilled down.

  • It’s always best to leave your food in the fridge before transferring immediately to your Cool Bag just before your leave. Don’t leave sandwiches on your worktop for any length of time before packing. Always pack at the last minute, not 2 hours before you set off.
  • Make sure to insert the appropriate frozen Ice Packs or Freeze Boards and close the bag or box to trap the air inside. The golden rule is pack as many Ice Blocks or Freeze Boards as you can. Try not leave any space voids.

  • The next factor to consider is the ambient temperature, that is the temperature where the Cool Bag will be until you open it.
    If its cold outside then the food will stay cold longer.  So on a warm sunny day your Thermos Box/Bag will be exposed to sunlight , which increases the ambient temperature.   To minimise this always place your Cool bag in the boot of your car, and when you arrive at the beach or picnic spot cover your Cool Bag with a towel or place in the shade.

  • Try not to open and close your Thermos Cool Bag or Thermos Cool Box too often. Every time you open it warm air will flood in.    Do not place items that you will need when you arrive , for example Sun creams, Phones, Books.   Stash these in side pockets or separate bag.

  • Maybe consider taking 2 Thermos Cool bags. One for drinks that you will consume frequently and another containing your lunch to open a little later.

  • Finally which is best to use Ice Pack or Freeze Board ? The answer to this depends on how much space you have in your Thermos Cool Box or Bag and how long you want to maintain the coldest possible temperature.

  • If you need to maintain the lowest temperature possible for the maximum amount of time then use Thermos ICE PACKS . They have less surface area than  Freeze Boards, and have a thicker cross section of ice so will melt slower.

  • But Thermos  FREEZE BOARDS  are great when you need to keep food chilled for a few hours and they easily slide down the sides of the Cool Bags.

  • A good tip is to create internal compartments with the Freeze Boards or layering up from the bottom is another popular technique to improve performance.
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