How to keep drinks hotter for longer in your Thermos Flask

KEEPING YOUR DRINKS HOT.   Don’t open your Thermos too often !

Large Thermos Flasks like the Stainless King 1.2L capacity will keep drinks hot up to 18-24 hours dependent on usage and ambient temperatures.   Smaller capacity Thermos flasks like  Stainless King 0.47L  will be around 12-18 hours.  This is the case with all Thermos Flasks  larger capacities will retain heat longer as they have more volume.  Thermos Thermocafe Flasks are designed for everyday use at affordable prices and  will keep drinks warm for around 8 hours.

Always pre-heat your Thermos. Pour boiling water straight in to your Flask and leave it to stand for 10 minutes, then empty out just before your pour in your hot drink.   Adding milk straight from the fridge can reduce the temperature by up to 10 degrees, maybe consider taking milk in another smaller Thermos Flask, or use warm milk for coffee.  Make sure you fill your Flask just below the stopper to minimise airgaps and close the stopper immediately.

Once you open your Thermos Flask cold air will enter and your drink will start to cool. The more you open and close  the cooler your drink becomes.

If you are making a long trip or have a full day ahead a great tip is to take 2 Thermos Flasks  0.5L and 1.0L.  Use the  small Thermos in the morning then switch to the larger 1.0L Thermos later in the day.   Flasksonline offer great discounts on Large + Small Flask sets.     

Light and Compact Set     

Stainless King Set.   

Thermocafe Set