Thermos Direct Drink: The most versatile Thermos ever.

Thermos Direct Drink Flasks.    " So Versatile 3:1”

Developed by the Thermos Research and Development team in Japan the Thermos Direct Drink Flask is  incredibly versatile, as it can be used in 3 different scenarios;

  1. Traditional Thermos Flask

  2. Thermos Travel Mug

  3. Thermos Sports Bottle

Traditional Flasks require the user to unscrew the stopper and pour into a cup. Thermos designed the Direct Drink Flask with a one piece stopper that controls the flow of the drink, allowing users to safely drink from it.  Using one hand flip the lockable lid and start drinking immediately.   Perfect to use as an individual serving Flask .  
Heat retention is impressive and can be up to 10 hours, so will last throughout the day.

With a diameter of 23.5cm  The Direct Drinks Flask will fit most regular car and van cup holders. So allowing the Thermos Direct Drink to double up as a Travel Mug on the move.   When not in use the lid locks and creates a perfect seal, keeping your drink hot and ensuring no leaks.

Playing sport outside in the sunshine, you need to hydrate regularly with cold drinks.   The Direct Drink Flask becomes the perfect Drinking Bottle.   Double walled stainless steel Thermos technology vacuum will make sure your drink stays cold for up to 24 hours.  Maybe add ice cubes for even better performance.   Football breaks, Tennis Matches , Golf course , Jogging. 

Thermos Superlight Direct Drink Flask.

The original Thermos Direct Drinks Flask 0.47L  weighs only 290grams and is one of the best selling Thermos Flasks in the world. To improve its appeal for hikers and trail walkers Thermos decided to add a lighter weight option and in 2018 launched the Superlight Direct Drinks Flask. 

  • Reducing weight to only 210 grams . 27% lighter

  • New 2 Piece Stopper, so easier to clean.

  • A smaller 0.35L size added, fits small bags, great for commuters.


The superlight is available in several up to date colours.


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