BOXi Bottle: Flat Water Bottle : Medium 480ml

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BPA Free
BPA Free
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty
  • BOXi TRAVEL  Flat Water Bottle   480 ml capacity
    Add a Neoprene Carry Pouch to improve insulation & impact resistance, save £3.00. 

    • Colour: Choose your Screw Cap Colour.
    • Say Goodbye to Bulky Bottles: No more awkward, bulging bottles trying to escape from your bags or sticking out. 
    • Perfect Fit: The Flat Water Bottle  slips into your bags, backpacks, laptop bags, tote bags.  
    • Zero Leaks, Zero Worries: 100% leak-proof and designed to fit perfectly in your hand.
    • Hydration On-the-Go: Great for walking, hill climbing, commuting, at the office desk.  
    • Cool and Refreshing: *Freeze before and use as an ice pack to keep your snacks chilled, then enjoy a refreshing drink when it melts. Double the fun!
    • Innovative Design: Enjoy hassle-free hydration with its sleek, ergonomic design.

    Specification - Care & Use . Flat Water Bottle

  • Durable and Strong PET Food Grade Approved.
  • 100% Leak proof easy twist cap with silicone seal.
  • Dimensions  height  21cm     width 13cm      depth 3.2 cm
  • *Freezer safe, but fill only 80% to allow liquid expansion.
  • Not suitable for carbonated drinks as pressure can build internally.
  • Handwash only in warm water.
  • ECO friendly use over and over. 
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old